Be kind.

Everyone who belongs to The Shelter is going through a very difficult period in their life. If you’re having a hard day, we get it. But no matter what, please be kind to other members.

Additionally, we do not tolerate bullying, violent language, or discrimination based on race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity. In other words, be cool.

Respect others’ privacy

In order to be open, honest and vulnerable, we must trust each other. That means all conversations that happen in The Shelter stay in The Shelter.

Keep your identifying info private

Please keep all identifying information, like your real name, location, job, spouse’s name, children’s names, etc. private. Sharing your age, gender, and what you generally do for a living are fine.

The forum doesn’t allow you to share photos, videos, or links for privacy reasons, so don’t ask for an exception!

If you work in the mental health or medical fields, please do not share that information with the group. We don’t want your advice or insights to be interpreted as medical advice.

Cursing is OK

Cursing at someone in The Shelter is not OK, but cursing in frustration is perfectly fine. Sometimes, there is no substitute for telling everyone that screaming “Fuck!” into a pillow is a great stress reliever.

Jerks will be kicked out

If a member violates any rules laid out in the Terms and Conditions, they will be warned once. If it happens again, they will be kicked out and banned from re-joining. Also, they won’t get any refunds.