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      monikapMonika Patton

      Before I reconciled with my husband, I had to rebuild myself and my life. It was hell. I was emotionally spent. I was so empty, I couldn’t even really react! Sure, I cried. But I was just EXHAUSTED. I was exhausted to the point that I could only manage the basics for three months. I could brush my teeth, unpack groceries and take my kids to swim lessons, but that was about it. Go to the movies alone? Take the kids bowling? Plan a weekend away? Nope.

      I learned that I could do one thing, and that was: Let myself heal. I didn’t force anything. I’m a do-er, so it was against my nature to do anything slowly. But that’s what I did. I gave myself space to slowly recover. Every day, I felt a little more human. By the time I went to Hawaii – three months after the “break up” – I felt 50% like me. And the only reason I felt that good was because of all the therapy and work I was doing on me. It took another 4-6 months to fully feel like myself. I don’t know if that’s typical, but that was my experience.

      If you have decided to end your marriage, how are you working to rebuild YOU?

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