The Shelter Ground Rules

Due to the sensitive nature of The Shelter’s topics, we have strict rules of engagement. Please read through this carefully before you continue.

The Shelter is open to women only. It is not a dating site, nor is it a hookup site like Ashley Madison. We are not going to teach you how to hide your assets or your affair.

We don’t talk about sex explicitly. Our conversations and topics revolve around emotions and relationships. We are here to support each other emotionally, not act as armchair sex coaches or therapists.

We do not tolerate abusive or malicious language or advice. This is a loving, supportive, judgement-free zone. (Curse words are perfectly fine, as long as they are not aimed at anyone in the community.)

We also tend to use the word “marriage” over “relationships”, but The Shelter is for any women who are in a committed relationship. Those in LGBTQ community are more than welcome!

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